How does HiTone+RF work?

The magnetic pulse caused by High Intense Electro Magnetic Therapy creates thousands of involuntary muscle contractions, which improve strength and tone in the muscle. The heating technology, on the other hand, is intended for the reduction of fat in the treatment area to help remove those stubborn areas that contain a little extra bulk

What is a session like?

Like the HiTone treatment a simple strap holds the applicator comfortably in place around your body. The technician places the applicator on the desired treatment area and slowly grows the intensity of the RF heat and the electromagnetic pulsing according to the patient’s comfort. The applicator will get warmer and the pulses will slowly become more powerful as the treatment continues.

Patients are seen one to two times per week for 2-4 consecutive weeks, and each treatment is 30 minutes long. The best part? There is no downtime afterward and you can go back to your normal routine immediately after your sessions.

Where on the body can HiTone+Rf Treat?

HiTone+Rf is intended for noninvasive lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) of the abdomen and reduction in circumference of the abdomen with is also and helps the improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles and development of firmer abdomen, along with the strengthening, toning and firming of buttocks, thighs and calves, and improvement of muscle tone and firmness for strengthening muscles in the arms.

The HiTone+Rf can treat people with a BMI up to 35, and is ideal for those looking for greater fat reduction in addition to the muscle-toning effect.

Is HiTone+Rf safe?

Similar to HiTone, it is considered the be very safe. However, it’s typically not recommended for those who are pregnant, or have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device near the treatment area. Also, you should avoid HiTone+RF if you have any type of metal—such as a copper IUD—near the treatment site.

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