If you need help with the cost of your Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) or Hi Tone treatments we have a 6 month interest free option, with Afterpay.
Imagine having your treatment now, and paying it off over the next 6 months whilst your body transforms.

You will need to attend our clinic for an assessment to determine the number of handles you will need and therefore the costs of treatment. We then create a purchase order for you and then send it to you via Afterpay.

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Service Price
Upper Abdomen $350/hour
Lower Abdomen $350/hour
Inner Thighs $375/hour
Outer Thighs $375/hour
Buttock Firming & Lifting $400/hour
Love Handles $250/hour
Upper Back Handles $250/hour
Upper Arms $220/hour
Hi Tone Abdomen Session $499/per session
Hi Tone Thighs Session $499/per session
Hi Tone Arms Session $499/per session
Hi Tone Buttocks Session $499/per session